How to use the Instant Pot - 3 Most Important Function Keys

How to use the Instant Pot

Make sure you thoroughly read the user guide that comes with the Instant Pot. That is the best guide you will find out there. It contains important safety instructions and also lists functions of all buttons. It is not in the scope of this book to get too deep into it.

So, once you’ve read the manual of the Instant Pot thoroughly, let us move on to some of the functions I find most useful.

3 Most Important Function Keys I Use 
One button you will be pressing a lot on your instant pot is the ‘Manual’ button. When you push it, the number 30 is displayed (meaning 30 minutes) then you adjust the time with the + and - buttons.

In case you missed this little detail in the manual, this time displayed means the amount of time it will cook for ONCE THE INSTANT POT ACHIEVES THE COOKING PRESSURE. In other words, the food will cook for a few minutes longer than the number displayed. These few minutes will vary in accordance with the amount of water inside the cooker, and other factors.

So, if you wish to cook rice, the pot will take approximately 5-8 minutes to come to pressure, then cook for approximately 4 minutes, followed by approximately 10 minutes of pressure release. In total, this comes to approximately 20 minutes. So, although potentially you only put the number 4 on the minute counter, it still took you approximately 20 minutes to prepare the rice. So, keep this in mind while you cooking.

Keep Warm/Cancel
This is another button you’ll be pressing a lot. After your cooking is done, the instant pot automatically switches to the “Keep Warm” mode. This button witches between the “keep warm” and “standby” mode.

A few of the recipes in this book require you to sauté onions and stuff. You can use this button to do the open lid sauté’. The sauté mode comes in three modes: low, medium, and normal. By default, it is set on normal.

Pressure Release Methods
There is a steam release handle on top of the Instant Pot. If you wish to cook under high pressure, this should be turned to “Sealing”. Turning it to “Venting” allows the pressure to gradually release.

The Instant pot cannot be opened until you completely release the pressure.

There are three most common ways of doing that.

Quick Release
If you like livin on the edge, you may use this method to release the steam. When your recipe is cooked, push the cancel button, ensuring the Instant pot is not applying any heat to the food, and then switch the handle to ‘venting’.

It goes without saying that you should keep your skin away from the outlet. Also, if your food contains a lot of liquid, some of that liquid might also squirt out with the steam, so be careful.

Use this release method only when you’re in a rush. This method wastes energy and could get a little ugly if you’re not careful.

Natural Release
This is the most energy efficient way of releasing steam. However, it is also the longest. Depending on the amount of food in the pot, this process could take ten to thirty minutes. While the steam releases, your food is also gradually steam cooked further. So, if you wish to use this method of releasing steam, you might have to heat the food for less time as compared to the quick release method.

10 Minute Release
This is my favourite method of releasing steam. It is a hybrid of both the methods above. Basically, you Allow the pressure to release naturally for ten minutes, and then you turn the valve to ‘venting’. This is much safer, as the pressure and temperature are not dangerously high in there anymore.

The power of Instant Keto
The ketogenic diet and the instant pot are powerful tools on their own, but mixed together, they are an unstoppable force. Imagine enjoying ultra-delicious and nutritious weight loss food at the push of a button! What more could anyone ask for? This is the best of all worlds.

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