Introduction to the Instant Pot - Why the Instant Pot?

Introduction to the Instant Pot

The instant pot is one of the most popular kitchen gadgets at present. The instant pot is gaining popularity today because it is easy to use, and does EVERYTHING!

It can slow cook a recipe over several hours, or prepare the same recipe in less than ten minutes! Vegetables, poultry, breakfast food, or any other food that comes to your mind, can be cooked with the instant pot, and in multiple ways.

Before we get started with the recipes, I would like to introduce the Instant pot to you, in case you’re a beginner, or don’t even have an instant pot yet. It is totally worth it to invest in an instant pot.

On a personal note, I absolutely LOVE my instant pot. I am currently using the IP-DUO60, which is one of the most popular instant pot models in America. If you have a different model, or wish to buy a different model, don’t worry. All instant pot models have similar functions and all recipes in this book will turn out beautifully, no matter which instant pot you are using.

Why the Instant Pot?

Simply put, the Instant pot is an electric pressure cooker + slow cooker. If you’re a busy person who likes to come home to delicious hot food, or simply a lazy person who likes to fix and forget, the Instant Pot will sail your boat in either case.

Like all pressure cookers, the instant pot can cook food under high temperature and pressure, greatly reducing the cooking time and energy needed. Although pressure cooking is fast and energy efficient, this does not give the food enough time to the ingredients to achieve the epitome of flavour. Although pressure cooking is great in a rush, chicken is best cooked slowly.

Another great thing about the instant pot is that you do not require any skill to cook delicious meals. If your ingredients are fresh, every recipe will turn out great, no matter how bad a cook you are.

 Accessory Recommendations

In this section I will the list the Items that I personally like to use, and if you’re using the kindle version of this book, you will also find plenty of useful links to amazon.

As I said before, I use the IP-DUO60. A great accessory to use with that is the inner pot.

Make sure the inner pot you buy is the right size for your instant pot.

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