What not to eat on a Ketogenic Diet

What not to eat on a Ketogenic Diet

Reducing carbohydrate intake is the foundation of inducing ketosis. Avoid any high-carbohydrate foods completely for best results with the keto diet. When we eat foods high in carbs, our bodies react by releasing insulin into the bloodstream to manage the increase in blood sugar created as those carbohydrates digest into sugar (glucose). If the glucose is not used efficiently for exercise, insulin forces the body to store it as fuel for later, which, in turn, becomes fat.

Grains and Legumes

Sadly for the bread lovers out there, it does not matter if it’s whole wheat, organic, and sprouted—it still gets converted into sugar once it enters your body. This grain and legume category includes pasta, baked goods, rice, beans, chips, crackers, pizza crust, and cereal. Keep away from all grains, grain-based foods, and legumes (except peanuts) while adapting to keto due to their high-carbohydrate content.


While dairy is a staple food for the keto diet, some dairy foods are loaded with carbohydrates. All milks (except those listed in the what to eat foods section) should be avoided, along with low-fat yogurt and cheese products. When shopping for dairy, look for grass-fed, full-fat options, which offer the most flavor and nutrients.

Most Fruits and Certain Vegetables

Fruit may seem like a clear healthy option when changing to a new diet, but most fruits cause a spike in insulin, which will end the state of ketosis. Fibrous vegetables are at the foundation of keto, and most vegetables with a high-fiber content can still be enjoyed. Outside of that, many staple vegetables lack fiber and also have high net carbohydrates. Vegetables like potatoes, corn, beets, peas, and winter squashes should be avoided.


This seems obvious, but anything made with sugar is not allowed. Since keto depends on a low-insulin response from our bodies after we’ve eaten, anything with sugar will increase insulin thereby significantly reducing the effectiveness and benefits of the diet.

Low-Fat Foods

Briefly mentioned previously in the dairy section, low-fat foods are not favorable to the keto diet since they lack the very basis of it: fat.

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